Crystal Keychains Is Exotic And Sparkling

Appropriate and durable for all locks, a crystal keychain is unique and beautiful. With the ability to personalize a crystal heart keychain with any message you desire. Whether it is a name date, or special message, these gifts for a girlfriend will be unique and valuable to the receiver. The Crystal 3D Glass Photo Cube Keychain is created with the same care, by a professional designer who hand-checks each block to ensure that the perfect crystal photo is selected

Personalized crystal keychain with name or date. Engrave your crystal keychain with the name of the occasion. An ideal key chain for any special event. These are perfect for birthdays, graduation, honeymoons, and weddings. The photo Cubes is available in seven,95 sizes ranging from small, medium, large, extra-large, jumbo, and extra-large, all with clear windows allowing a view of the crystal’s sparkling attribute. Each has a unique code for the desired size.

Engraved crystal keychain with a special message. This unique crystal keychain gives the receiver a message that is exclusive to them, such as a birthday or congratulations. Engraving is not necessary but highly recommended for larger stones or letters, as they may easily be scratched

3D crystal photo cube. This is a very striking crystal keychain. A crystal photo cube consists of two mirror-coated glass cubes each with a different color. A light is placed inside each cube that projects a photo in the form of a three-dimensional bubble within the sphere. The bubble creates an optical illusion where you see the photo from the outside while the crystal cube is viewed from the inside. You get an amazing feeling with this piece because it looks as if you are looking at the actual crystal photo itself

Gold keychain natural crystal. The gold crystal keychain natural crystal is very much like the silver but with the added bonus of the golden tone that naturally occurs in gemstones. The smooth, matte, brushed finish and the hypoallergenic qualities of this type make it ideal for gift giving. This is also great for making gifts out of acrylic, pewter, crystal, or stainless steel, with a pewter design being popular with women. For men, a gold keychain natural crystal combination is ideal, complementing it with another more masculine piece of jewelry.

Silver keychain natural crystal. This is the perfect keychain to give with your date. The keychain can be an inexpensive gift that still exudes sophistication and style. The silver keychain in the shape of hearts or roses or other symbols can also be a wonderful gift that she will cherish forever. For those who do not want to go with the heart keychain, there are several other crystal keychain selections such as the double crystal keychain, one in the shape of a heart and one in the shape of a diamond.

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